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Advice for Bahrain couple about their wedding in Abu Dhabi


With the new UAE law which permits non-Muslims and foreign expats to marry in a civil court, many GCC expats are considering getting married in Abu Dhabi instead. The new law, in the UAE, is encouraging marriages between non-Muslims and foreign expats in Abu Dhabi

Read the whole article and get the best advice for your marriage in Abu Dhabi.

New marriage law in Abu Dhabi

Prior to the new marriage law, non-Muslims and foreigners who wanted to marry had to do it either at their respective nations’ embassies or in the presence of special local officials. Foreigners and non-Muslims can now marry in any civil court in Abu Dhabi, due to a new marriage law issued by the UAE in Abu Dhabi. This has given many couples who want to start their marriage in the wonderful UAE.

Know all about getting married in Abu Dhabi

Couples who are unable to marry in different parts of the world can get married in Abu Dhabi.   According to the Legal Counsel of the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department, civil marriage law is governed by secular laws rather than Sharia law.

The marriage is also only lawful until the spouses’ country applies Sharia Law to their family matters. Individuals from other countries can also apply for marriage in Abu Dhabi online, plan their weddings in Abu Dhabi, and sign their legal marriage certificates. In December 2021, Abu Dhabi’s secular court approved the first-ever civil marriage contract for a Canadian couple.

Required documents for couples

The following documents must be submitted:

  • a completed and signed marriage application form
  • a copy of passport, or Emirates ID (of both parties)
  • proof of no record of existing marriage (for both parties)
  • marriage agreement (optional).

Keen to plan your big day in GCC? You can check in with our planners and learn which wedding destination would be best suited to your given situation.

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