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Bahrain Vs Seychelles: Easy Wedding alternatives


In Bahrain, the bride and the groom enter into a consensual contract when they get married. It is regarded as a sacred union under Sharia Law, much like any other GCC nation.  Although the island of Bahrain is a wonderful location for beach weddings, it can severely affect your bank account. Beach weddings in Bahrain can cost thousands of euros. It is possible or expat couples to have a wedding under the regulations of their home countries, two people can legally marry in Bahrain. It should be noted though, that it is not an easy wedding.

The Ministry of Justice in Bahrain requires a letter of authorization from your respective embassies. Muslim expats can marry in the House of Judgement at the Ministry of Justice. Non-Muslim foreigners, on the other hand, have few alternatives. An easy destination wedding in Seychelles might just be the solution you are looking for.

General wedding requirements for expats to get married in Bahrain:

  • Medical examination certification from a hospital with accreditation
  • Both parties’ passports
  • A valid ID for each party (one or both applicant is required to be a resident)
  • The agreed-upon dowry is predetermined (by the spouse).
  • Evidence of the prior divorce (if applicable)
  • Employer’s approval (for security field employees)
  • Issuance of a marriage license by the Ministry of Justice
  • Only specialist courts in Bahrain have the authority to legalize the unions of foreign couples.

Why is it easy for Bahrain expats to have a wedding in Seychelles?

A destination wedding in a country with beaches and picturesque scenery with affordable costs and manageable procedures can be ideal. Seychelles offers you your dream beach wedding in exchange for the bare minimum and easy paperwork. These requirements include:

  • Certified copies of each party’s passports
  • A certified copy of each party’s birth certificate
  • Authenticated divorce decrees or death certificates (for a former spouse), if relevant
  • Filling out an online registration form or contacting the Civil Status office to register

The government of Seychelles needs the couple to appear in the Civil Status office. The Civil Status office must be notified at least one week in advance if you want to get married at home.

Another positive aspect of holding your easy wedding in Seychelles is the amazing tropical weather almost throughout the year. Unlike Bahrain, in summers or any other season, the temperature is always on the moderate side of the scale.

Final verdict on your easy wedding destination

Bahrain, also known as the “island of pearls” is located in the Persian Gulf. This location puts Bahrain under unfavorable weather conditions for a beach wedding. Booking an ideal wedding venue in Bahrain can cost you a fortune. If you are convinced about having a beach wedding, planning your wedding in Seychelles can make the wedding process significantly easy. Seychelles is undoubtedly one of the most exclusive locations for an easy wedding, with its pristine landscape and assortment of beautiful colors.

For more details on planning an easy wedding in Seychelles, book a call with our team now.

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