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What are the consequences of a baby passport in Bahrain without marriage?

Discussing the consequences of a baby passport in Bahrain without marriage?

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For unmarried pregnant women, it is necessary to get their marriage registered in Bahrain and then apply for their baby’s passport in Bahrain. Keep in mind, that Bahrain imposes some limitations on hospitals in submitting the marriage certificate before delivery.

The best solution to get your baby passport would be to discuss with your partners and find a way of solemnizing your wedding. Read this article to learn a bit more of the consequences of a baby passport in Bahrain without marriage.

What challenges do single women face getting pregnant before marriage?

If single women get pregnant out of wedlock, they have to pass through many hurdles, whether they are Bahraini women or expats. While giving birth to a baby and acquiring a passport is more acceptable in the UAE; the same cannot be said for other GCC countries.

If the women are still found to be pregnant outside the institution of marriage, they can get punished or penalized as per Bahrain law.

Baby Passport’s requirements in Bahrain:

It is necessary to obtain the consent of all the child’s parents or guardians. Detailed consent can also be given in writing:

  • Specify the name and date of birth of the subject of the consent.
  • An individual’s full name, date of birth, contact information, and signature must be included in the consent.
  • Languages in which the embassy official is comfortable (e.g. Finnish, Swedish, English) should be used in the consent document.
  • It is important to mention any potential limitations regarding the validity period or region.

Recommendations for going the right way of getting a baby passport in Bahrain without marriage:

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