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Easy wedding alternatives for Kuwait expats: Bahrain

Easy wedding alternatives for Kuwait expats: Bahrain

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When a bride and groom marry in Bahrain, they enter into a consensual agreement. Sharia Law regards it as a holy union, just like in Kuwait. As an expat residing in Kuwait and exploring all your potential and easy wedding options, you may be tempted to consider Bahrain for the regal beauty of the island. Although the island of Bahrain is a beautiful place for beach weddings, it might have a significant impact on your finances. In Bahrain, beach weddings may cost thousands of euros. This must not hold you back from having your beautiful beach wedding in any way.

How can Kuwait expats have a wedding In Bahrain

A letter of authorization from your respective embassies is required by Bahrain’s Ministry of Justice. Muslim expats can marry in the Ministry of Justice’s House of Judgement. Non-Muslim foreigners, on the other hand, are limited in their options.

General wedding requirements for expats to get married in Bahrain

  • Medical examination certification from a hospital with accreditation
  • Both parties’ passports
  • One or both applicant should be a resident (with valid ID)
  • Predetermined dowry (by the spouse).
  • Evidence of the prior divorce (if applicable)
  • Employer’s approval (for security field employees)
  • Issuance of a marriage license by the Ministry of Justice
  • Only specialist courts in Bahrain have the authority to legalize the unions of foreign couples.

These requirements and the waiting period that comes with the registration can be too demanding for some couples. If these aren’t suitable for you, there are definitely more alternatives available.

Other easy wedding ideas for Kuwait expats

Destination weddings in countries with beaches and beautiful landscapes, with reasonable expenses and simple processes, might be ideal for several expats.

Seychelles offers you your dream beach wedding in exchange for the bare minimum and easy paperwork. These requirements include:

  • Certified copies of each party’s passports
  • A certified copy of each party’s birth certificate
  • Authenticated divorce decrees or death certificates (for a former spouse), if relevant
  • Filling out an online registration form or contacting the Civil Status office to register

Another advantage of having a simple wedding in Seychelles is the amazing tropical weather that is available almost all year.

Georgia has all you need for a perfect wedding, along with an official certificate. Both the ceremony and the paperwork preparation may be finished swiftly! The wonderful ambiance of Georgian landscapes is far from its only feature. All you need to legally marry in Georgia is:

  • Valid documents of identity (passport)
  • Two Witnesses (required by the government)
  • Registration fee
  • A written application by both the parties (filled on the spot)
  • Proof of termination of any previous marriage (in case of a second marriage).

An online wedding may be the ideal option for you, if you are on a tight budget. The paperwork required for an internet wedding varies based on your or your partner’s place of residence. This process will be a snap if one of you resides in a country with flexible marriage laws. After the virtual ceremony, you may register your marriage in Kuwait via the standard registration process.

Final Verdict for Kuwait expats

The marriage process in Kuwait or Bahrain can be a complicated for expats. Considering other alternatives will save you days of research for the documentation required and make the process of registering your marriage much faster. Online, Georgia, and Seychelles are all fantastic and easy wedding ideas. The final decision is totally up to the couple. The amount of time, money and specific requirements that each couple has for their wedding day are just a few of the aspects that might affect the destination.

Still looking for an easy wedding alternative as an expat in Kuwait? For additional information, please contact one of our marriage counselors!

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