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Easy wedding in Bahrain Vs Oman


Marriage in Bahrain is a mutual contract between both the bride and the groom. Just as in Oman or any other GCC country it is considered a holy union governed by Sharia Law.

Two individuals can legalize a wedding in Bahrain based on the requirements of their home countries. The Ministry of Justice in Bahrain requires a NOC from your respective embassies. Bahrain offers Muslim expats the option to get married in the House of Judgement at the Ministry of Justice. But leaves the non-Muslim expats are left with limited options.

The documents required for an easy wedding for Oman expats in Bahrain

  • Medical examination certificate from an accredited hospital
  • Passports of both parties
  • Valid ID of both parties (one or both applicant is required to be a resident)
  • Agreed-upon dowry (from the husband) is predetermined
  • Proof of the previous divorce (if applicable)
  • Approval from employer (for security field employees)
  • Issuance of an official marriage certificate from the Ministry of Justice

In Bahrain expat marriages can only be legalized by specialized judges in Bahrain.

Other easy wedding ideas for Oman expats

A destination wedding surrounded by lush green landscapes and beaches in countries like Georgia or Seychelles is a perfect alternative for expats.  These countries provide you with cheap alternatives to plan your easy wedding. Rather than spending time researching and collecting documentation to get married in Bahrain, it would be a good idea to consider these exotic spots. Countries like Seychelles and Georgia offer easy wedding procedures without the requirement of being a resident. The only documents you require include:

  • Valid passports
  • Two witnesses
  • A written application by both parties

An online wedding is another hassle-free route to take if you want to escape the lengthy documentation process. An online wedding fast-forwards the process for you to be with your loved one. It might even be the best easy wedding solution for expats.

Conclusions on your easy wedding as an Oman expat Vs Bahrain

Getting married in Bahrain is too a fussy process, just as it is in Oman. We would advise you to skip the nuisance of lengthy documentation and pick one of the alternative easy wedding ideas. This would make the process of registering your marriage much faster.

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