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Easy weddings in Seychelles for Bahrain couples

Easy wedding in Seychelles for Bahrain couples

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Given that the embassies might differ, getting married in Bahrain is quite challenging if you are from different nationalities. It requires a great deal of procedures and paperwork, which typically takes time.

In this article we shed light on why an easy wedding in Seychelles might be the answering you are looking for as a Bahrain couple.

Marriage in Bahrain

Getting married in Bahrain is super difficult if you belong to different nationalities, given that the embassies would be different too. It involves so many processes and documentation, which usually takes time. Also, if one of the partners is Muslim; the other has to also convert to Islam before they can get married. In a case where the non-Muslim partner is not willing to convert to Muslim, they can both have a destination wedding in Seychelles.

Easy Wedding in Seychelles

Seychelles is one of the easiest places to get married because;

  • The wedding license from Seychelles is internationally recognized,
  • Wedding in Seychelles can be completed with minimum documents,
  • Seychelles is breathtakingly picturesque making it a dream wedding destination. These and many more are the benefits you will get when you have your wedding in Seychelles.
  • It’s not mandatory in Seychelles to mention your religion in a wedding certificate.
  • Seychelles is a visa-free country but a visitor’s permit may be obtained upon arrival at the Seychelles International Airport.

The requirements for the visitor’s permit include the following;

  • Your Passports, valid at least 6 months after the estimated departure date,
  • A valid return or onward flight tickets for the duration of the visit,
  • Confirmed accommodation, e.g. hotel booking, hotel vouchers.

To conclude on easy wedding in Seychelles for Bahrain couple

As a Bahrain couple, Seychelles is the best location for your wedding. All you need to do is contact us and we will assist you with everything you need. We will also help with all your paperwork and documentations. This include getting you your marriage license. It will only take a few days.

Do you have anyone in Bahrain going through similar situation? Feel free to share this information with them so they will know they can have an easy wedding in Seychelles.

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