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Get Married in Dubai or Bahrain, what is the best choice?


Dubai court marriage is possible for residents of Bahrain if you want to get married in Dubai. However this is only the case if either of the partner is not Muslim. The Dubai Courts Marriage Section is the official entity looking after the marriage certificates in the Emirate and finalizing marriage requirements in Dubai. 

In this article we shed light on Dubai, Bahrain and the other alternatives for expat residents living in Bahrain and struggling to get married.

How to get married in Dubai- Preconditions for Court Marriage

  • The approval of the Bride’s guardian is important before the wedding ceremony.
  • If the Bride’s father is absent, then the closest male next of kin is there as the guardian.
  • In case both are absent, then a cleric sheikh will take up the role of the Bride’s guardian.
  • The couple must be residents of the UAE.
  • The couples have to produce all the relevant Dubai court marriage documents or fulfil other requirements for marriage in Dubai.

A wedding in Bahrain Vs other wedding destinations

Getting married in Bahrain is super difficult if you belong to different nationalities given that the embassies would be the different too. Additionally if either one of the partner is Muslim; under no given circumstance can you get married until one decides to convert.

With that said, those couples who do not wish to convert can always opt for destinations such as Georgia, Seychelles or even online and get the legal attestation for the GCC countries without going through the stress of the paperwork and having to convert.

In conclusion to Dubai court marriage Vs getting married in Bahrain

Since court marriage in Dubai & Bahrain is not so easy as it involves a lot of paperwork, the couples can opt for legal advice and assistance and professional wedding services in Dubai. The experts here provide marriage consultation in Dubai. The teamwork ensures that your relationship status is updated with government authorities.

Keen to know about your wedding situation, book a call with the team at Easy Wedding Bahrain.

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