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Getting married in Dubai vs Bahrain for Filipino and British nationals


It is important to understand the steps to follow to successfully get married in Dubai if you are a Filipino and British couple. With that, you are assured of enjoying your important day. How to get married in Dubai for Filipino and British while in Bahrain might mean that you get to compare the two places: Dubai and Bahrain

Getting married in Dubai for Filipino and British nationals 

Yes, you can be married in Dubai as an expatriate but you have to remember that: 

  • The marriage has to be registered legally with the relevant embassies or the courts 
  • If you are a non-Muslim expatriate, you will have to get married as per the rules of your respective countries. 

In most cases, the church or embassy might require the following main documents: 

  • The copies of the passports of the couples 
  • Birth certificates of the couples 
  • Witnesses’ valid IDs 
  • Proof of death or divorce for a previous spouse in case it is applicable 

As a Filipino, your embassy will require that you hand in a CENOMAR in the UAE  for both the groom and the bride for the marriage to be legalized. 

Getting married in Bahrain for Filipino and British nationals 

As an expat, you can get married in Bahrain but you have to remember that, it is a process that is determined by the religious and civil requirements of your home country. But since marriage between two different nationalities is not possible, it means that you will have to either carry it online or in the courts.

This is after checking out with the requirements by your respective embassies. There will be a requirement of a NOC. Get it easily done by involving the wedding experts who are readily available to help in this noble task.

Final Verdict on the best ways to get married

Getting married in Dubai for Filipino and British has its own challenges which can be overcome by conducting the wedding online or choose other wedding destinations whilst living in Bahrain. It is possible if you involve experts in the process.

Planning on your wedding as a Filipino and British national in Bahrain; book a call with the team to learn more.

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