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How Bahrain expats can get married in the Abu Dhabi court if they are from different religions


The topic of religion is a major factor that must be checked before marriage in Abu Dhabi is concluded. This is why some expats from different religions wonder how to get married in the Abu Dhabi court. After, the introduction of the new 2021 marriage law, expats now have a simple and straightforward pathway to marriage.

Prospective couples need to understand the new marriage law in Abu Dhabi and how this matches their individual religious beliefs and dispositions. This text examines how expats of different religions can get married in the Abu Dhabi court.

What requirements must couples of different religions meet?

To have a wedding in Abu Dhabi, couples ought to understand the following:

  • There are two kinds of marriages that are obtainable in Abu Dhabi. These are Sharia marriage and civil marriage.
  • The Sharia marriage requires the couple to both belong to the Muslim religion. However, Muslim men may decide to marry women of other religious dispositions but it is not allowed for Muslim men to marry outside their marriage.
  • Under the new marriage law in Abu Dhabi, expats from any kind of religion can get married without restrictions.

So, the reality is that non-muslim couples of different religions who want to know how they can get married in the Abu Dhabi court can choose the simplest option of going to the civil marriage Family court in the capital city.

Final thoughts on how to get married in the Abu Dhabi court

With the simplified provisions of the new marriage law in UAE, couples will no longer have to go through long steps for their marriages. In fact, many now feel relaxed because of Abu Dhabi’s marriage requirements that attract many couples on a yearly basis.

One more benefit of Abu Dhabi is the chance to see the beautiful country scenes and structures. Couples will experience nature and enjoy first-class services.

If you appreciate the wonderful features of Abu Dhabi and believe that it is right for you, book a consultation with our wedding experts. They have trusted blueprints for marriage in this country.

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