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How Bahrain expats can get married under the new 2022 UAE Laws


Bahrain, a country in the Middle East maintains a harmonic relationship with the UAE. This nation which is made up of small islands is centrally located in the Persian Gulf. It is a predominantly Muslim society.

Since Bahrain has strong diplomatic ties with the UAE, it will not be surprising to find most of its citizens in the emirates. In fact, a certain 2020 statistics revealed that Bahrain citizens signed real estate deals in the UAE that amounted to over AED 200 million.  

Taking advantage of the New laws

The new 2022 UAE marriage laws allow visitors and tourists to get married in a civil court that is within its jurisdiction. Now, Bahrain citizens who go to the  UAE for business purposes can choose to hold a marriage ceremony whose certificate will be accepted anywhere in the world. A destination wedding can also be planned for the fun of it.

Facts about the new marriage law

Basically, the new law applies to non-Muslims who are now allowed to get married in the civil court. Muslims can always get married under the stipulations of Sharia law. The marriage proceeding has been greatly simplified as registration can commence online. 

Prospective couples can log onto the Judicial Department section of the Abu Dhabi website. There, they will find an online marriage application form that they might choose to fill. If they also wish to, the couple can visit the family court building in Abu Dhabi to formalize their marriage. 

Documents required to marry under the new Law

To ensure a successful marriage, intending couples will have to possess documents like;

  • A passport
  • A filled marriage application form, and
  • Proof of divorce (if any).

Final Notes on how to get married under the new law 2022

The new civil law is accommodating and will see an influx of visitors into the nation. Bahrain residents and expats can thus enjoy a stress-free wedding.

Wondering how to have a hassle free wedding under the new law 2022; get in touch with our team.

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