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How to get married in the Abu Dhabi court if you are a Bahrain expat

How to get married in the Abu Dhabi court if you are a Bahrain expat

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It is not unusual to see flights arriving in the UAE from Bahrain because the nations share a close relationship. Expats from Bahrain who wish to marry in the UAE might decide often choose the capital emirate, which is Abu Dhabi. Since expats differ in their backgrounds, Abu Dhabi will serve them better because the new 2021 marriage law considers their needs.

There are so many other reasons why people choose Abu Dhabi. It is safe, beautiful, and friendly to visitors who stick to the rules. This text explains what Bahrain expats who want to marry in Abu Dhabi require.

What documents do couples need?

The official papers that couples need to marry in Abu Dhabi are not far-fetched. They can be obtained without a lot of difficulties. Typically, the government deems the following documents necessary:

  • The passports of both parties
  • The divorce certificate or death certificate that indicates the annulment of their last marriages
  • Emirates ID if they have one

Like in many other climes, the couple will need to pay a marriage fee. The couple does not also have to share blood relations. They must be up to the age of 18 and the bride must accept that she wants the marriage.

An overview of marriage in Abu Dhabi for couples

Documentation is a very vital step for marriage in Abu Dhabi. Once the couple gets this step right, every other step flows naturally. The Judicial Department of the Abu Dhabi court is responsible for processing marriage applications.

Couples who choose to marry in the Abu Dhabi court will process their marriage in a favorable environment that is free from glitches. The system is safe for them and notarization is often the last step that confirms the document’s validity.

If you think that a wedding in Abu Dhabi is the next best thing for you, consider booking a consultation with our wedding team. They offer superb counseling for couples who want to marry in this emirate.

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