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Words of advice for mixed marriages: How to get married under the Sharia law marriage dubai court


Bahrain allows marriage for those who are residents of the country and Muslim couples. If one of your partners is non-muslim, then it’s very difficult to get married under Sharia Law in Bahrain. Despite the fact of extensive paperwork, these mixed international expats enjoy their wedding ceremony in Dubai.

Read the whole article and get the best advice on how to get married under Sharia law marriage Dubai court. 

Conditions required to get married under Sharia Law Bahrain:

The mixed expats have undergone the hectic marriage procedures in the Kingdom of Bahrain, you have to follow these lengthy steps:

  • Passports of both partners
  • ID cards of both partners
  • Submit the marriage registration form 
  • Conduct a premarital medical screening and get matrimonial advice from an accredited hospital in the Kingdom.
  • An approval letter from the employer is required for employees working in the security field.
  • Registration of official marriage certificate and legalisation from the Ministry of Justice, Islamic Affairs and Endowment
  • Proof of current or previous social status in the form of the marriage certificate or divorce

Civil marriages for the mixed couple under Sharia Law marriage Dubai Court

While civil marriages under Sharia Law in Dubai court is comparatively more accessible for Bahrain national and non-muslim couple. You just need to submit the following documents:

  • Original Birth certificates of both individuals
  • Legitimate Emirates IDs
  • Premarital certificate (must be issued by health authorities in the country)
  • Original passport and copies
  • Proof of your marital status endorsed by the applicant’s embassy or consulate (UAE Dept of Foreign Affairs)

Final verdict on planning your Marriage in Dubai under Sharia law:

If you are Bahrain national and wish to get married to a Christian, Filipino or other non-muslim women, there are a couple of limitations you have to adhere to within Bahrain. Come out of this hassle and apply for civil marriage in Dubai. It’s the best way to make your wedding ceremony memorable. 

Rather than this, the mixed couples prefer to get married in Seychelles, Georgia or remote medium, which is far better than civil marriages. 

Still contemplating on getting married under the Sharia law marriage Dubai court; book a call with our wedding specialist to know more

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