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Is a fast marriage in Georgia possible for Bahrain expats?

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Many people visit Georgia for tourism and marriage. However, first-timers from Bahrain might wonder what is permissible and how to go about marriage in this city. A first fact to note about Georgia is that the country welcomes foreigners.

People from other GCC nations visit Georgia for many transactions and Bahrain citizens are not exempted. This article addresses how couples from Bahrain can get their marriages finalized as quickly as possible.


Couples can want their marriages to be registered quickly if they are on a budget or if they have a busy schedule. Compared to other nations who might take up to a month or two to finalize their marriage registrations, Georgia promises a faster process.

Many couples who formalized their marriage in Georgia have reported getting their marriage certificate on the same day when they registered the marriage. Furthermore, since translation and legalization are often required, the process can be concluded in a week.

To make the process faster, it is advised that the couple should come prepared with the essential documents. These include their birth certificates, death and divorce certificates of former couples, and passports. There should also be two witnesses and some funds to pay for the marriage application form. When all of these requirements are met, then a fast marriage registration in Georgia will be possible.


The marriage registration process in Georgia is easy. There are no complicated protocols to follow. Also, the couple does not have to be of a particular ethnicity or religion to get a civil marriage in this country. 

To hasten the marriage process, Bahrain couples might have to begin making arrangements before they arrive in the country. This will prevent the process from dragging out. Georgia is accommodating and so far as the documentation is done right, the process will pull through smoothly.

Are you a Bahrain citizen looking to have a fast marriage registration in Georgia? You can benefit from a lot of useful information at your disposal. Reach out to our team of wedding professionals who will be glad to explain the procedures to you.

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