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Requirements for an easy wedding in Bahrain as compared with other alternatives

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The rich multicultural nation of Bahrain is filled with a lot of prospects for both visitors and indigenes. That is why many people are present in this Kingdom for different purposes that extend to trade and education. In time marriage might also be featured in the list of priorities.

Expats who want to marry in this nation should carefully examine the laws and traditions so that they can have a valid certificate in the end. This article highlights some of these laws and also considers Georgia, Seychelles, and Online weddings as alternate routes.

Marriage for Muslims in Bahrain

Since Bahrain is a predominantly Muslim nation, the Family Law guiding marriage in this Kingdom is primarily designed for Muslims. In addition, at least one of the persons who wish to marry in Bahrain should live in this country.

Other important traditions that must be kept include:

  • The payment of dowry by the groom
  • Completion of a medical fitness test
  • Obtaining the consent of the bride and groom

A marriage in Bahrain happens between two persons who are of the legal age of 18. The father of the bride will also need to submit a letter which shows that he approves of the union.

Marriage for Non-Muslims in Bahrain

Non-Muslims in Bahrain cannot have a civil marriage in the local Family courts. However, the options of a marriage in the religious houses or embassis are available to them. The civil laws for marriage in embassies differ according to the requirements of the home country. Therefore, this is not the same for all nationalities.

In addition to the above, non-Muslims who want the Ministry of Justice in Bahrain to recognize their marriage should obtain an NOC from their employer and embassies.

Georgia, Seychelles, and Online wedding as substitutes for an easy wedding for Bahrain expats

Bahrain expats who come from different religions and nationalities other than the Muslim religion can opt for swifter options. Georgia and Seychelles are famous wedding destinations that do not delay the wedding process.

Online wedding is also good because the couple can have it at their comfort zones. All the required papers can simply be submitted online. The couple can also choose to order their certificate and have it delivered to them.

The three routes for marriage mentioned above are ideal for expats who want a memorable wedding. Book a consultation with our team of wedding expats who will be glad to guide and counsel you.

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