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Requirements to get married in UAE on a visit visa for Bahrain couples


This post will go into your options if you wish to get married in UAE while on a visit visa. However, because laws change all the time, we always recommend that every couple research the country’s marriage laws and the best possible route to getting married.


Both Muslims and non-Muslims who are on visitor visas can register for marriage at the sharia court. Moreover, couples need to contact their respective embassies to find all the necessary information under the Foreign Marriage Act. The requirements for marrying on a visit visa can vary from nationality to nationality.


Dubai, like other Islamic countries, follows Sharia law, which allows Sharia courts to legalize marriages. Muslim visitors who are on a visiting visa are unable to apply for a sharia court marriage. A marriage certificate in Islam is essentially a contract that protects the rights of both the husband and the bride.

A non-Muslim woman may marry a Muslim man, but she must be of any book religion. Before marrying a Muslim woman, a non-Muslim man must first convert to Islam.

We strongly advise non-Muslims to seek advice from their respective embassies. They will be able to obtain all of the information they need to marry in the UAE and comply with the regulations.


These are some of the basic rules and conditions you must meet in order to marry in Dubai while on a visit visa. You can find all of the detailed conditions and rules by visiting your respective embassy.

If you need assistance with your case, please let us know in the comments section below. We’ll contact you as soon as possible.

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