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Tips of Advice: Abortion Ban in US Vs rules in Bahrain


The US known as a liberal country of all states, where nobody can even dreamed of abortion ban. Although, a sudden attack of ban on abortion makes the American women dissatisfied. A long move has started running against the new abortion law. As if, any woman involved under this activity might have years of imprisonment or upto $100000 fine allocated to them.

By reading this article, you will give the deep insight why abortion ban in US? What’s the best way to get out of this hassle?

US laws against abortion:

It is no secret that abortion is one of the most divisive issues in the United States. Those opposed to it, including conservative Christians, say it is immoral, while those in favor argue that women have the right to make their own decisions about their bodies. 

There is an immediate effect to the trigger ban enacted by the state. Yet, anyone undergone this procedure willfully is more likely to sentence of 10 years in jail and fined between $10,000 and $100,000. Life-threatening situations are the only exceptions.

Bahrain laws against abortion: 

Women in Bahrain resort to unsafe abortions as there are no legal choices available, putting their lives at risk. It is punishable to self-induce abortion and the pregnant woman is subject to six months of imprisonment. 

Bahraini women are only choosing abortion due to the following legal issues:

  • Only saving the life of the pregnant woman is legal.
  • Three highly trained consultant doctors will take the decision if continuation of pregnancy may pose the threat to women’s lives. 
  • The approval of the person in charge must be required at the time of legal abortion.

Final thoughts on Why abortion ban in US?

No matter whether you live as an emancipated lady in the US or tying up with family traditions. There is no doubt, abortion is illegal and put many women under stress. If you have an unplanned pregnancy before marriage, have a wish to marry with your love of life.Opting the Georgia, Seychelles or online wedding  can be the best preferences of getting married. 

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