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UAE law about pregnancy before marriage - The ultimate guide for Bahrain couples

UAE law about pregnancy before marriage – The ultimate guide for Bahrain couples

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We are all aware that the UAE is home to a large number of foreigners who come to this part of the world to improve their living conditions. However, in addition to the benefits that the UAE provides, there are some drawbacks. The strict rules and regulations, particularly regarding marriage, pregnancy, and cohabitation outside of marriage, are one of the major costs that foreigners face. These laws were recently updated in the UAE, but according to the most recent research, you still need to provide a marriage certificate if you want to have a baby with official birth certification and medical insurance coverage. 

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Abortion is illegal in the UAE unless the following conditions are met:

It puts the woman’s life in jeopardy, or there are indications that the baby will be born with fatal defects and will die.

The fetus must be aborted before it reaches the age of 120 days. Which occurs during the 17th week of pregnancy and one week into the second trimester. An authorized medical board must approve the abortion. It is illegal to abort a fetus after 120 days of pregnancy.

Pregnant without a marriage certificate 

If you are pregnant and do not have a wedding certificate, you may face difficulties even after the new law goes into effect. Obtaining medical insurance and obtaining your infant’s birth certificate may be difficult. Hospitals can still contact the appropriate agencies. Such as the police, to have your case reviewed by the Personal Status Court.

If the couple wants to obtain a legitimate birth certificate for their child. They must also submit a genuine wedding certificate. Furthermore, according to the Dubai Health Authority, unmarried maternity care is not covered by medical insurance.

What’s the best solution for pregnant mothers?

If you are unmarried and pregnant in the UAE, getting married online can be beneficial. It is one of the best options, particularly for those who are unable to travel. With the power of attorney, we complete the online wedding process. You will also receive a legally binding marriage certificate.

Keep in mind that under the new UAE laws, unmarried pregnancy will not be considered a crime. However, a marriage certificate is required if you want to receive a birth certificate for your child as well as health insurance coverage.

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