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Wedding in Dubai 2022 vs Bahrain – The realities for intending couples

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The GCC counties of Dubai and Bahrain are hotbeds for business and leisure. Marriage is a common ceremony in these places and it comes at some financial costs to the would-be couple. The economic conditions of 2022 have also affected the cost of things. So, a wedding in Dubai in 2022 might be difficult for some people.

Despite the stated realities above, many still wed in these nations. We will compare the realities of marriage in these nations. This text will also examine why a wedding in Georgia might be ideal for couples.

What can couples expect for Bahrain and Dubai weddings?

These two nations are Muslim-centered societies and marriage in both places follows the Sharia law. But the cost of a marriage in both places is not the same because their economies differ. On average, a wedding in Dubai might be more expensive although this ultimately depends on the couple’s budget.

Unavoidable costs that the couple must cater to are:

  • Venue
  • Food
  • Entertainment
  • Logistics for family and friends
  • Legal proceedings

Non-Muslims who are not from Dubai originally, they might find the process of civil marriage to be longer. On the bright side of it all, a wedding in the UAE affords the couple and their visitors a memorable time. The quality of services rendered is also top-notch.

If the couple does not have the funds for a 2022 wedding in Dubai or Bahrain, Georgia is a good alternative. Although it is a destination wedding, the cost of a wedding is quite manageable.

Conclusion on Georgia as a wedding destination in 2022

Despite the increase in wedding costs, a destination wedding is still possible in 2022. The mountainous region of Georgia offers couples fast and authentic wedding solutions. Three to five days are often enough to complete the process.

Finally, we can say that all hope is not lost for couples who cannot afford a luxury wedding in the UAE or Bahrain. Georgia is a affordable alternative that saves time and resources.

If you think that Georgia fits your marriage needs, book a consultation with our wedding experts for more information. They will show you the best way to go about it.

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