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what must couples know about the mass wedding in UAE

What must Bahrain couples know about the mass wedding UAE

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The UAE government aims to encourage Emirati citizens to start their family life now by alleviating the burden of hosting a big wedding. In an effort to help young couples start their journey without breaking the bank, the Ministry Of Community Development announced a mass wedding for UAE citizens. UAE culture and traditions have been revived by mass weddings in recent years.

Can Bahrain couples register for mass weddings in the UAE?

The lucrative way to plan a mass wedding is not for the Bahrain couples or expats who do not belong to the roots of UAE. For those, they can be tightening their matrimonial strings with their lovey-doveys may follow the Bahrain rules or choose various other ways. All depends on the expenses they can spend on it.

Typing up the knot in Bahrain, a couple should dictate the following requirements:

  • A certificate of medical examination from an accredited hospital within the Kingdom of Bahrain.
  • Both individuals’ passports.
  • Both individuals’ identification cards.
  • Establishing the agreed dowry “based on the husband”.
  • Provide evidence of current or previous social status by presenting marriage certificates or divorce concerning both parties.
  • Employees in the security field must have a letter of approval from their employer.

Final thoughts on the mass wedding in the UAE

Mass weddings in the UAE are the most glorious way for its citizens to get married lavishly on your budget. The UAE government is a major helping hand for their young couples so that they can fully be into the happiest moments of life without any hassle. Since this is not applicable for those who are out of the UAE nationals league whether they are from Bahrain or expats can have other cost-effective and fast routes to follow. Choosing Georgia, Seychelles or conducting online marriage is the ideal solution of all.

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