Wedding Destinations for the Bahrain Residents

Our wedding destinations are carefully chosen for people living in Bahrain. As you imagine, living in the GCC requires a few adaptations for expats. Laws & regulations are very unique. In addition, religions & nationalities can quickly become a challenge & the bureaucracy can turn it into an impossible one.

We offer you the best destination with fast and easy wedding solutions. We started with our own story; now we are now helping dozens of people every month to find the best solutions to their problems.


Civil Wedding in UAE

Our UAE wedding packages are built for couples residing in Bahrain and planning to live together legally. You may be looking for this option when you are planning to:

  • Live together as a couple
  • Sponsor your partner
  • Have a baby
  • Apply for new visas

If you are still not sure, please book a call with our wedding advisors.

Georgia Weddings

A few hours away from Bahrain; the stunning country of Georgia offers incredible opportunities for organizing your wedding. Our professional wedding planners can help you to have a gorgeous wedding at any location:

  • Seaside
  • Old towns & monasteries
  • Mountains
  • Outdoors

Anyone who is 18 years old, has the necessary papers, is legally permitted to marry in Georgia. The country does not place restrictions on civil marriage based on nationality or religious beliefs which makes it extremely attractive for GCC expats.

Still wondering if a wedding in Georgia is right for you? Book a call with expert wedding specialist to know more.

Seychelles weddings

Seychelles, just a few hours from Bahrain, offers fantastic possibilities for your tropical beach wedding. Our expert wedding planners can assist you in planning a beautiful wedding with the right legalization.

  • Paperwork wedding
  • Nikah ceremony
  • Dream wedding by the beach
  • Custom tropical wedding

For expat couples who don’t have much time to plan a wedding, a wedding in Seychelles is most likely the best alternative. You can have a simple and stress-free wedding that’s also internationally recognized.

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Online Weddings

If you are looking to get married without traveling; Bahrain expats can now legally marry within the comfort of their home. Our professional online wedding specialist can help you to have an intimate online ceremony.

You might need to marry for the following reasons:

  • To legally live as a married couple
  • Starting a family
  • Apply for a sponsorship visa
  • Relocate to a new country

Regardless of your ethnicity, sexuality or physical location, couples can have a US State licensed with an online wedding ceremony conducted on Zoom. The hard copy of your marriage certificate can then be used as a legal proof of your marital status.

Book a call with our wedding planners and to get married online without the hassle of traveling anywhere.

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Saudi joins the HCCH Apostille convention – Meaning for expats in Bahrain

Bahrain and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are GCC countries within close range. Citizens and expats in these nations often want to know the trends around them. A new development in Saudi Arabia has prompted a change in the way that legal documents are handled.

In April this year, Saudi Arabia made a significant move by joining the Apostille convention in the Netherlands. Bahrain entered this convention in 2013. This article will discuss what this development means for expat couples.

Significance of the new Saudi Agreement

When it became a signatory to the Convention of 5 October 1961, Saudi Arabia was in effect saying that it will no longer request validation for certificates and documents with the Apostille sign. Over the past years, Saudi Arabia had made it a standard for couples to pay some legal fees to have their foreign documents revalidated.

With the new law, documents will be accepted so long as they have the apostille stamp. This will hasten the time that people spend at the embassies.

Concluding on the current Saudi HCCH Apostille Convention

The new agreement still has some months to go before it takes full effect. While we wait for that time, we can reflect on the many benefits that people can gain from this mode of verifying documents. The speed at which documents are released will become improved. People will also save on the legalization fees.

Since Bahrain is a part of the Apostille nation, there are many positive prospects for couples and expats in the country. We will wait to see what those are.

Please note that we do not have a lot of information on what this means for couples who marry in Apostille countries outside of Saudi Arabia. However, if new and vital information arises, we will keep you posted.

How Bahrain expats can get married under the new 2022 UAE Laws

Bahrain, a country in the Middle East maintains a harmonic relationship with the UAE. This nation which is made up of small islands is centrally located in the Persian Gulf. It is a predominantly Muslim society.

Since Bahrain has strong diplomatic ties with the UAE, it will not be surprising to find most of its citizens in the emirates. In fact, a certain 2020 statistics revealed that Bahrain citizens signed real estate deals in the UAE that amounted to over AED 200 million.  

Taking advantage of the New laws

The new 2022 UAE marriage laws allow visitors and tourists to get married in a civil court that is within its jurisdiction. Now, Bahrain citizens who go to the  UAE for business purposes can choose to hold a marriage ceremony whose certificate will be accepted anywhere in the world. A destination wedding can also be planned for the fun of it.

Facts about the new marriage law

Basically, the new law applies to non-Muslims who are now allowed to get married in the civil court. Muslims can always get married under the stipulations of Sharia law. The marriage proceeding has been greatly simplified as registration can commence online. 

Prospective couples can log onto the Judicial Department section of the Abu Dhabi website. There, they will find an online marriage application form that they might choose to fill. If they also wish to, the couple can visit the family court building in Abu Dhabi to formalize their marriage. 

Documents required to marry under the new Law

To ensure a successful marriage, intending couples will have to possess documents like;

  • A passport
  • A filled marriage application form, and
  • Proof of divorce (if any).

Final Notes on how to get married under the new law 2022

The new civil law is accommodating and will see an influx of visitors into the nation. Bahrain residents and expats can thus enjoy a stress-free wedding.

Wondering how to have a hassle free wedding under the new law 2022; get in touch with our team.

Winter wedding packages in Georgia for Bahrain expats

Is getting married in the winter more enchanted than anything else? These seasonally inspired wedding decorations, like holiday music and winter florals, can make even the chilliest of days feel warm and inviting. There are several advantages to having a wedding in the winter. Although there are a few drawbacks, summer weddings are unquestionably beautiful. In the sweltering heat, a woman’s perfectly styled bridal hair might turn into a steaming catastrophe. A winter wedding will assist you in avoiding that while still offering you gorgeous snowy wedding photographs, holiday-themed wedding décor, and more. Getting married in the winter in Georgia has a lot of advantages. The following are some advantages of booking our winter wedding packages, including reduced venue costs, as well as less worry about the weather.

Your winter wedding venue in Georgia

The magnificent Mt. Kazbek is located near Kazbegi, one of Georgia’s most well-known mountain resorts. The third-highest peak in Georgia, Kazbegi Mountain (also known as Mkinvartsveri), is rife with religious legend. You can view the majestic mountains from every section of the town thanks to its stunning, distinctive landscape. Kazbek’s summit might be hidden all day by the hazy clouds that surround it. Adventurers who enjoy mountaineering and ice climbing should visit Kazbegi. Mountains, cliffs, waterfalls, and alpine lakes are frequented by tourists, visitors, and mountain sports enthusiasts. Any community you visit in Georgia will have a broad selection of guest homes to choose from, especially in the mountains with more tourists. The towering silhouette of Gergeti’s Trinity Church, which stands by itself, complements the mountain’s stunning view.

The largest and most modern ski resort in Georgia is Gudauri, which is situated at a height of 2250 meters. It has a developed framework that incorporates Georgia’s steepest level drop and endless opportunities for freeriding and backcountry skiing (ski-touring), and it is rapidly growing. The resort is located at the highest point of the Georgian Military Highway in the Caucasus Mountains. Mountain lovers from all over the world travel to Gudauri. Due to the abundance of common snow, the neighboring crests on the border between Europe and Asia are perfect for snow enthusiasts. Fantastic photo shoots are to be expected anywhere, including in valleys and mountains. The possibilities for devoted couples are not restricted by Gudauri.

Plan the most enchanted winter wedding

We can work with you to design your celebration in a chic location with a gorgeous view that is culturally sensitive, if you want a fairytale wedding straight out of a dream. Customers can choose from a variety of services provided by the Easy Wedding staff. If you’re on a low budget but still want to have the wedding of your dreams, they are perfect. Our team will take care of all the tiny details throughout the ceremony so you can enjoy the magic of your special day! Everything, including the lovely wedding arch and the exquisite décor, is taken care of by us.


Bahrain is a small island that typically has moderate winters. Georgia is therefore a good option to think about if you are a Bahraini expat who is dreaming of a white winter wedding. If you want to get married someplace special, think about having a destination wedding. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to combine the travel and cultural exploration aspirations of family and friends. Due to its natural beauty and surprisingly affordable packages, Georgia makes a great destination wedding location.

Do you want more details about our winter wedding packages in Georgia? Get in touch with a member of our staff right away.

Legalization Embassy of Georgia to Canada – Key information for Bahrain expats

Bahrain expats who have the intention of going to Georgia or Canada for marriage or any other purpose of interest should do well to gather vital information. One of the vital pieces of information they can gain is how to validate their documents. The legalization Embassy of Georgia to Canada recommends this.

This knowledge is important because countries that are not members of the Hague Apostille Convention on Abolishing the Requirement for Legalization for Foreign Public Documents have special expectations from visitors. This text reviews the requirements for Georgia and Canada.

How to validate documents in Georgia and Canada

For Georgia and Canada, there are common expectations for people who wish to validate their documents. To begin the process, applicants must present the following online (Georgia and Canada) or to the physical address of the embassy:

  1. The certificates that they want to validate
  2. Their filled-out application form
  3. Passport and other means of identification
  4. Receipt of payment

Both Georgia and Canada require applicants to pay a specific sum to validate their documents. Georgia, in particular, requires the application to be made online. After submission, the documents will be reviewed by dedicated officials in the legalization Embassy of Georgia to Canada or vice versa.

Final thoughts on the requirements of the legalization embassy of Georgia to Canada

Expats can legalize their documents in Georgia and Canada by following the requirements of the embassies. The document they want to legalize, identification cards, and the fee are major requirements. Once the embassies have these, they can proceed with the steps.

Though the process looks simple, mistakes can arise if applicants do not really adhere to the methods. To be on the safe side, it is ideal to seek the help of experts like wedding agents who know the rules for each country.

If you and your spouse fancy the idea of a wedding in Georgia, book a consultation with our wedding team to guide you on the processes.

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