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Civil wedding in the UAE for Bahrain expats

Civil wedding in the UAE for Bahrain expats

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Bahrain expats who work in different industries seek easy marriage solutions when they are ready to marry. Many believe that the marriage provisions in the UAE meet all of their expectations. As they plan a civil wedding in the UAE, it is very important for them to find out what the law expects.

As in many other lands, some documents are deemed necessary for marriage. In this text, we will see the specific documents and procedures that are necessary for marriage in the UAE.

What should couples bring to their civil marriage?

Couples should bring important documents that prove their marital status and identities. Without these documents, there will be no formal marriage. So, some of the most essential documents that are required are:

  • A duly filled and signed marriage application: Couples might find questions about their marital status and identities in this form.
  • Passports
  • Proof of a void marriage: Some documents that they can bring to show that their former marriage no longer exists are divorce certificates or death certificates.
  • Emirate’s ID if they have one issued to them

After submitting these documents, an official ceremony will hold and then, the couple will receive a marriage certificate. Authentication is the next step and this is especially important for non-residents. This is because they will have to reconcile their documents with their home country.

Concluding on UAE wedding for Bahrain expats

A wedding in the UAE has no regrets attached to it. It is quick so long as the couple does their findings and obtains the vital requirements. When they finish the entire marriage, they can submit their valid certificate at work and other places where there is a need for it.

In summary, a civil wedding in UAE is available to all who want to take advantage of it. Once concluded, the new couple will be glad that they took the chance of having their marriage in this country.

If you and your partner contemplate having a civil wedding in the UAE, book a consultation with our wedding team that has helped hundreds of couples in similar situations.

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