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Pregnancy before marriage in Bahrain


Islam is the main religion, and the locals are known for being friendly to visitors and tolerant towards the practice of other faiths in their country. They support intermarriages too. Their culture and values are designed to ensure that everyone is respectful of each other regardless of their faith and nationality. Bahrain is a beautiful place to be. However, there are strict rules and regulations guiding marriage, pregnancy, and cohabitating outside marriage. These are some of the hitches that foreigners face.

Read on however to know how to handle pregnancy before marriage in Bahrain.

Abortion in Bahrain is illegal (except) for the following strict reasons:

  • When a mother or fetus’ life is at risk,
  • When her physical or mental health is at stake due to economic or social reasons,
  • Because of rape or incest,
  • When it is authorized by doctors.

Are you pregnant and not married in Bahrain?

This might pose a problem for you, your spouse, and your unborn child as Bahrain’s law does not support sexual relationships outside marriage. Even cohabitating outside marriage is illegal. Therefore, pregnancy outside marriage may attract Punishments. Also, registering the birth of your child may prove difficult.

Solutions to pregnancy before marriage in Bahrain

Of course there are solutions to all of these. If you are unmarried and pregnant in Bahrain, the best way out is an online wedding or a destination wedding. Some easy and nice places to have a destination wedding are Georgia and Seychelles.

Conclusively, whether you want to have an online wedding or a destination wedding either in Georgia or Seychelles, we will follow you in the process. You are sure to get your legal marriage license just within a few days. This marriage license is acceptable all over the world. However, do not forget that without your marriage license, you can’t get birth certificate and health insurance for your child in Bahrain.

If anyone close to you is in this category, kindly share this valuable information with them for the best solution.

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