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Proxy marriage for Bahrain expats moving to Canada


Many Bahrain expats looking better quality of life choose to relocate to Canada for a variety of reasons. The majority of the population resides close to the US border and enjoys a better lifestyle.

In this post, we will discuss the legal options for getting married when proxy marriage/online marriage is not possible in Canada.

Canadian law about proxy marriage 

For immigration reasons, Canada once acknowledged virtual weddings in which one or both couples were not physically present. The only need was that the marriage is lawful in the destination country. However now, the Canadian government no longer acknowledges this.

The law on disregarding online marriage was enacted primarily to safeguard women from being exploited during immigration proceedings.

How can Bahrain expats get legal wedding certificates?

Expats from Bahrain who want a legitimate wedding certificate should be married in the Seychelles or Georgia. Both countries’ requirements are simple, and the process is straightforward.

  • Couples’ birth certificates 
  • Copies of both partners’ passports

Best way to marry for Bahrain expats moving to Canada

Georgia and Seychelles are the greatest possibilities if you believe your situation makes it tough to marry in a GCC country. Nationality and religious views are not barricades and civil marriage is allowed in either of these countries.

Moreover, the marriage certificate obtained from these countries can be legalized without too much hassle.

Still confused about the Canadian immigration process and your wedding plans; book a call with our legal wedding experts

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