Wedding Paperwork For Bahrain Residents

Our wedding packages are customized for Bahrain expats & GCC residents. You will receive all the documents & paperwork you need to live in any of the GCC countries at the end of the process.

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Muslim court wedding package

From 365 BHD / 960 USD

For Muslim Couples

Let’s go through all the steps you need to go through in order to get a wedding certificate usable in Bahrain and outside.

What is included

  • Legal consultation ✔️
  • Guidance on the steps & requirements ✔️
  • Pre-marital check information ✔️
  • Legalization of the marriage certificate ✔️

A few basic requirements

  • Passport scan copy ✔️
  • Bahrain resident visa scan copy ✔️
  • Pre-marriage medical examination ✔️
  • Singleness or divorce certificate (if applicable) ✔️
  • Guardian ✔️


  • Proposals ❌
  • Wedding Celebrants ❌
  • Bouquets ❌
  • Photoshoots ❌
  • Musicians ❌

Possible locations

  • Bahrain
  • UAE

Easy Package

From 440 BHD / 1160 USD

For the cost savers

Our team will help you to go through all the needed steps in order to get your wedding done.

Before the Wedding

  • Passports Translations ✔️
  • Power Of Attorney ✔️
  • Wedding Paperwork ✔️
  • Legal Consultation ✔️
  • Hotel & Accommodation ❌
  • Prenuptial Agreement ❌
  • Flight ❌

During the Wedding Day

  • Civil Wedding Booking ✔️
  • Witnesses ✔️
  • Document Translation ✔️
  • GCC Legalization ✔️
  • Apostille certificate ❌
  • Extra Embassy Legalization ❌
  • Taxi & Transportation ❌

After the wedding

  • Documents Shipping ✔️
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs*✔️
  • Married Or Refunded 🎁
  • After Wedding Support ❌
  • Birth Certificate Support ❌
  • Dinner ❌
  • Tours ❌

Possible Locations

  • UAE
  • Georgia
  • Seychelles
  • Malta
  • Online

Full Package

From 550 BHD / 1450 USD

For the busy bees

Our team will take care of all the steps of the process for you until you receive your wedding certificate in the country of your residence.

Before the Wedding

  • Passports Translations ✔️
  • Power Of Attorney ✔️
  • Wedding Paperwork ✔️
  • Legal Consultation ✔️
  • Prenuptial Agreement✔️
  • Airport pick ✔️
  • Hotel & Accommodation❌
  • Flight ❌

During the Wedding Day

  • Civil Wedding Booking ✔️
  • Witnesses ✔️
  • Document Translation ✔️
  • 1 GCC Legalization ✔️
  • Apostille certificate ✔️
  • Extra Embassy Legalization ✔️
  • Transportation to City Hall ✔️

After the wedding

  • Documents Shipping ✔️
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs* ✔️
  • After Wedding Support ✔️
  • Married Or Refunded 🎁
  • Airport drop off ✔️
  • Birth Certificate Support 🎁
  • Dinner 🎁
  • Tours 🎁

Possible locations

  • UAE
  • Georgia
  • Seychelles
  • Malta
  • Online

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Most common Wedding questions
How Bahrain expats can get married under the new 2022 UAE Laws

Bahrain, a country in the Middle East maintains a harmonic relationship with the UAE. This nation which is made up of small islands is centrally located in the Persian Gulf. It is a predominantly Muslim society.

Since Bahrain has strong diplomatic ties with the UAE, it will not be surprising to find most of its citizens in the emirates. In fact, a certain 2020 statistics revealed that Bahrain citizens signed real estate deals in the UAE that amounted to over AED 200 million.  

Taking advantage of the New laws

The new 2022 UAE marriage laws allow visitors and tourists to get married in a civil court that is within its jurisdiction. Now, Bahrain citizens who go to the  UAE for business purposes can choose to hold a marriage ceremony whose certificate will be accepted anywhere in the world. A destination wedding can also be planned for the fun of it.

Facts about the new marriage law

Basically, the new law applies to non-Muslims who are now allowed to get married in the civil court. Muslims can always get married under the stipulations of Sharia law. The marriage proceeding has been greatly simplified as registration can commence online. 

Prospective couples can log onto the Judicial Department section of the Abu Dhabi website. There, they will find an online marriage application form that they might choose to fill. If they also wish to, the couple can visit the family court building in Abu Dhabi to formalize their marriage. 

Documents required to marry under the new Law

To ensure a successful marriage, intending couples will have to possess documents like;

  • A passport
  • A filled marriage application form, and
  • Proof of divorce (if any).

Final Notes on how to get married under the new law 2022

The new civil law is accommodating and will see an influx of visitors into the nation. Bahrain residents and expats can thus enjoy a stress-free wedding.

Wondering how to have a hassle free wedding under the new law 2022; get in touch with our team.

Easy wedding in Bahrain vs Saudi for expats

Getting married in Saudi Arabia can be a difficult process for expats. From a long list of documents to the hefty cost of getting married, it can all take a toll on you. If you are an expat living in Saudi Arabia exploring other options, this is the article for you. Just like in Saudi Arabia, in Bahrain marriage is sacred and considered a holy union governed by Sharia Law. A NOC is required by your respective embassies by The Ministry of Justice of Bahrain. The House of Judgment at the Ministry of Justice offers the option of an easy wedding only to Muslim expats and Non-Muslim expats are left with few options.

Here are the documents required to get married for Saudi expats in Bahrain.

  • Medical examination certificate from an accredited hospital
  • Passports of bride and groom
  • Valid ID of bride and groom (one or both applicant is required to be a resident)
  • Agreed-upon dowry (from the husband) is pre-decided
  • Proof of the previous divorce (if applicable)
  • Approval from employer (for security field employees)
  • Issuance of an official marriage certificate from the Ministry of Justice
  • Specialized judges can only legalize the marriage of expat couples in Bahrain

Alternate options for easy wedding ideas for Saudi expats

Georgia and Seychelles is the perfect alternate option for expats who dream of a wedding surrounded by lush plant life and exotic beaches. These countries help you plan your big day while being easy on the pocket as it is surprisingly cheap. Gathering bulk of documents and spending time researching can be avoided by choosing these countries to plan an easy wedding. The wedding procedure is easy- without the requirement of being a resident. The only documents you need are listed below:

  • Valid passports
  • Two witnesses
  • A written application by the bride and groom

An untroubled course also includes an easy online wedding to avoid the long and daunting process of the documentation process. Having an easy online wedding helps expats to be with their significant other easily and quick. 

Verdict on easy wedding: Saudi vs Bahrain

Getting married in Saudi or Bahrain can be a complicated process for expats. Taking our advice would save you days of research for the documentation process and make your process of registering your marriage much faster.

Need more info on having an easy wedding as a Saudi or Bahrain expat? Contact our team now!

Is an easy wedding online similar to a Bahrain wedding?

The COVID pandemic that afflicted the world has caused some to limit the number of crowds they entertain. This is why many couples want a wedding with a manageable size. For this reason, online wedding is gaining more acceptance.

An online wedding allows couples to enjoy a normal ceremony without the crowd and other rigors of a physical marriage. Some expats might want to know how an online wedding compares to a Bahrain union. This article will discuss this and more.

The concepts of an Online and Bahrain wedding

An online wedding has a very simple concept. Couples are simply expected to have some essential documents that indicate their qualification for marriage. They should also not be underage. 18 years and above are ideal for marriage.

An online marriage has simple provisions that the couple can fulfill. The documents submitted should be valid and translated into the Arabic language. The list of necessary requirements are:

  • The names of the couple and their parents
  • Their address
  • Social security numbers
  • Their date and place of birth
  • Government ID
  • Marriage license fees

Note that a medical certificate is not a must as is required in many other climes. Furthermore, the speedy nature of this marriage type makes it a delight for expats.

A Bahrain marriage is also simple but fits the style and culture of Muslims. The traditions of the land are important and one of these will be the payment of dowry. A marriage in Bahrain might take a little more time than an online marriage.

Why is an online marriage ideal for couples?

Couples who know that marriage goes beyond the wedding day make provisions for the future. Some have decided to choose an Online wedding because it saves them money and protects the couple from debt. Also, there are no separate and difficult procedures for non-Muslims.

An online wedding is safe for all kinds of foreign expats. If they follow all the procedures as directed, they will have an authentic certificate in the end. This choice has so many advantages.

If you believe that an online wedding is right for you and your marriage mate, endeavor to prepare for it on time. Also, book a consultation with our wedding team to know more about the attributes of this wedding type.

What we can plan together: Easy wedding Georgia VS Bahrain

Comparatively to Bahrain, Georgia is the ideal location for conducting marriage due to its simpler paperwork involved. The best thing is you will get an official marriage certificate on the same day even for those having an interfaith marriage. Where do you plan to go next? The decision is all yours.

Special Requirements to follow in Bahrain:

Expatriates can exchange vows in Bahrain but have to fulfil the lengthy process of civil and religious requirements. However, the NOC from the embassy and employer must be forwarded to the ministry of Justice in Bahrain. There is a specific set of regulations respective to the embassy.

A Muslim couple may marry at the House of Judgment at the Ministry of Justice. Additionally, you will need a letter from the bride’s father. To conduct the civil aspect of a marriage, the above-mentioned documents are still required, regardless of the religious ceremony.

While religious marriages are conducted in their sites of worship such as Roman Catholics can tie the knot at the Sacred Heart Church or Hindus are in temples dedicated to Goddess Durga, which vary from sect to sect. 

Reasons behind expat choosing Easy wedding Georgia as a destination Place:

The Georgia courts will recognize your common-law marriage as having full faith and credit. Other states’ laws cannot be ignored by Georgia. In any case, Georgia must accept the legality of marriages created outside of its borders even if it could not recognize such marriages.

Besides this, the paperwork of the marriage process is quite simple and economical for expats, such freedom is quite difficult to get in any other country.  

Giving the best piece of Advice to Expats:

If you are an expat in any country and have to perform interfaith marriages quickly and legally. Considering Georgia as a location for your wedding where you will receive economical and quite beneficial perks for your couple.

Book an appointment with our easy-wedding team to know more about the best possible preferences according to your situation!

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